Dar-e-Abbas (a.s) Islamic Centre Houston

Assalam-o-Aalaikum - Ya Ali (a.s) Madad. The Dar-e-Abbas Islamic Centre is a place for worship, knowledge of Quran & Ahl-e-Bait (a.s) Dar.e.Abbas Center is a testimony to the beautiful legacy of the fourteen Masooomin (a.s) we thank the ALLAH (swt) and the 14th Masoomin (a.s) for giving us the courage and the kindness of heart to serve our community in the Houston, Texas. We are Azadaran-e-Hussain (a.s.) located in (Houston).

Anjuman-e-Ghulamaan-e-Abbas (a.s) Houston

We are Azadaran-e-Hussain (A.S.) located in (Houston). We are dedicated to the service of the Shia Ithna Asheri Muslims of Houston, tx., we spread the message of our Imams to the world, we provide to hold majalis-e-aza and perform marasim-e-aza is the most important amar from among the amoor-e-deen.

Dar-e-Abbas (a.s) Islamic School (Houston)

ALLAH & 14 Masumeen (a.s) have bestowed Dar-e-Abbas Centre with the opportunity to reestablish an Islamic Institution for the Distribution of Islamic Knowledge to our youth. Dar-e-Abbas (a.s) School will be run under the respected Supervision of:
Moulana Hadi Abedi & Zakira Syed Huma Jafri

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